The Human Language Technology (HLT) department is one of the ten research departments at Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R). Guided by a passion for natural, human languages and a keen sense of innovation, the HLT department's mission is to ideate and advance state-of-the-art language technologies that drive the development of ground-breaking yet practical applications and services. With our valuable team members, the department charts new research directions and spearheads technological advancements to empower Singapore's Interactive and Digital Media industry.

The HLT department is led by a group of established scientists and engineers, some of whom are synonymous with their respective areas of specialization - speech processing and computational linguistics. Our fields of expertise include automatic speech recognition, speaker and language recognition, machine translation, information retrieval, and social robotics. The many years of innovative HLT activities and the varied backgrounds of the HLT research team contribute to the department's strength and its areas of focus: Asian languages and multilingual computing. Our flagship technologies include commercial-grade, patented multilingual speech recognition and machine translation technologies.

Exciting R&D activities and endeavours are still budding. The HLT department has embarked on a new initiative on Social Robotics, leveraging on existing human language technologies to advance the enabling technologies for a social robotic platform. This initiative could provide insights of interface design in human robot interaction, as well as explore how humans communicate and solve problems through the use of speech and language technologies.

Do explore this HLT department website to get a better picture of the exciting language technologies and projects that we are working on, and we look forward to your participation in upcoming HLT-related activities and events.

Department head: Professor Haizhou Li